Sept 2020 Started

InvestIndore a City-Based Committee to Promote Facilitate Investments in City With inspiration from Hon PM: Atmaribhar Bharat Started this to Make Atma Nirbhar Indore

8th December 2020

Appreciate StartUps from Indore who have collaborated with Nagar Nigam and Made Indore the Cleanest City in India

Jan 22 National Startup Day

Started Bringing the ecosystem together, getting information about all startups, and started nominating on City Based Awards and Recognition

26th Jan 2022

Startinindore: CM Opened the program and interacted with more than 500 + Indore based startups

27th Jan 2022

Started Gathering all Local investors, Angel Investors together to showcase all city-based startups, through MP angel Network

12th Feb 2022

Auto Expo: Free Stalls to Startups in Indore Auto Expo, which was visited by more than 3 Lac visitors and companies across India (auto rally )

6th May 2022

Inviting all local Business Houses to Consider Startup as an asset class motivated them to invest in startups ,had a gathering of more than 80 Business Houses to become angel investors

9th May 2022

Funding Event 2: Invest Indore along with all stakeholders

20th May 2022

Funding Event 3: With Echai Network: Venue Workie